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I was one of the fortunate few who actually attended (at a young age) a certain sporting event held in the L.A. Memorial Coliseum on November 30, 1974.

I still have my ticket and my program.

In Trojan lore, only the Notre Dame game in 2005 approaches the significance of the 1974 version.

Long before the Internet and YouTube, etc., some special events were remembered by the production of an LP (old school records, for you young folk). Events like the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

In 1975, USC released such an album titled �Gentlemen, we�re behind� that commemorated the 1974 USC-Norte Dame game.

By good fortune I came across the album and made a cassette tape copy (again, the young reading this might not be familiar with cassettes). This tape lay hidden in a box for several years (then my dad had it in his car � but that is another story), but just recently I found the tape.

Below is the entire album, both A and B sides.

Side A is John McKay discussing the game and the 1975 Rose Bowl with a booster group.
Side B are the scoring plays called on the radio by then USC announcer, Tom Kelly.

Both are amazing to hear � John McKay with his legendary wit and Tom Kelly with his just as legendary passion.

Trojan fans, enjoy � this is very special stuff.

Fight On!!!

Gentlemen We're Behind
Side A

Side B

Why can't Troy just keep playing?
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